Transforming the world

Layers of history and time are a constant in the work of Marjorie Guyon. One of the hallmarks of Guyon’s work is that the image at once emerges from, yet disappears into what appears to be an ancient surface. Yet, she also seems to be lighting the path of time. It may well be the dynamic between the two impulses that gives her haunting images their appeal. To build her compositions, she works in collage and applies marble dust and pigment - earth from all over the world to create an archeology of the soul. Her work is at once both contemporary and ancient - a blend of mythology and graffiti. 

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Works on Fresco

Marble dust, pigment and collage on panel​

Works on Aluminum
Limited edition dye sublimation prints on aluminum

Marjorie Guyon

Works on Paper

Marble dust, collage and pigment on French handmade and Italian 300 lb paper​​