LexPark - Victorian Square Garage
Commissioned by the Lexington Parking Authority, this project addresses the exterior wall as well as one of the most challenging public spaces – the interior of a parking garage.  Large scale aluminum pieces illuminate an otherwise desolate elevator area on each floor – creating touchstones on each floor of the garage.

 i was here
This is a public art project that features images of contemporary African-American men, woman and children, turned into Ancestor Spirit Portraits in a collaboration between artist Marjorie Guyon and photographer Patrick J. Mitchell with interwoven words from poet Nikky Finney and Barry Darnell Burton. These portraits, acting as a living memorial to the enslaved persons bought and sold, are installed on roman blinds in windows of businesses across the country. There's a poetic irony in using blinds to open our eyes and minds?

2021 Creative Revolutionaries​

View all works here, or full project site at i-was-here.org

Of Thee, I Sing!
Collaboration with photographer Patrick J. Mitchell that began in the stories of Daniel and Hannah, an enslaved woman and her child - a story inextricably woven into the fabric of America. Using images of residents of Clark County, KY to create a foundational portrait of the rural community posing the question: 

How do we become a more perfect union?

Keeneland Foundation
Seven original pieces commissioned to celebrate the beauty and history of Keeneland Racecourse. Original pieces in the collection of Keeneland. 

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Nation of Nations
This series of ten pieces collectively embodies the spirit of Walt Whitman who said in his 1855 essay, Preface to the Leaves of Grass: Here is not merely a Nation but a teeming Nation of Nations. Like statues from ancient Greece, the figures in this project are unnamed and unknown. They represent us all, without the entanglements of gender, race and religion. Each 6’8” - as tall as we could be if we stretched.

View all works of this project here.

Illuminated City
The project, sponsored by the Downtown Lexington Management District, brings a synthesis of art and commerce to a series of storefronts that have been vacant for some time. The installations draw attention to the available space. for rent and highlight a local business, in this case a boutique.

​View the project news stories here and here.

Visual Poetry -
​A Classical Graffiti

Guyon’s work and public projects appear in public and private collections across the United States. Urbandesign.org defines Civic Art as the sum total of the architecture, public spaces, monuments, urban design, and landscape of a city, but it is far more than the sum of the parts. Civic Art is place making into art that creates timeless civic values and helps define cultures.  Guyon's projects integrate the transcendent experience of art into the everyday business of living - reminding us all of the power we have to transform the world.  
Downtown Lexington Management District Billboards
To publicize the mission statement of the Downtown Lexington Management District through the use of billboards in the heart of the city.

Marjorie Guyon

Breeder's Cup Festival 2015
The Breeders Cup Festival sponsored a Letter of Welcome to the People of the World. The commission brought together the noted Kentucky writer and blues musician, Nick Stump, Tom Willis, Technical Director of the Downtown Arts Center and Marjorie Guyon. Premiering during the popular Halloween Thriller spectacle, it continued to run as a projection nightly during the Breeder’s Cup Festival.

​Watch the video here.