Marjorie Guyon

Visual Poetry – A Classical Graffiti

Layers of history and time are a constant in the work of Marjorie Guyon. One of the hallmarks of Guyon’s work is that the image at once emerges from, yet disappears into what appears to be an ancient surface. Yet, she also seems to be lighting the path of time. It may well be the dynamic between the two impulses that gives her haunting images their appeal. To build her compositions, she works in collage and applies marble dust and pigment - earth from all over the world to create an archeology of the soul. Her work is at once both contemporary and ancient - a blend of mythology and graffiti.

Guyon’s work and projects appear in public and private collections across the United States: International Paper, FedEx, Morris Museum of Art, Pfizer, Brown Forman, Keeneland Foundation, Saint Joseph Hospital, Brian and Jane Williams, N’Namdi Collection, University of Kentucky Art Museum, UK Healthcare. A commission by the Keeneland Foundation in 2006 sparked her interest in public work. Her project "Nation of Nations" is being utilized in Albany by the Capital District YMCA. The Breeder's Cup Festival commissioned Guyon to create a public art presentation melding projected image and language to welcome worldwide visitors to the event.

Her recent projects express her vision for an affordable Public Art that addresses spaces that would normally be overlooked but are highly visible –underutilized real estate, parking garages and billboards. The goal is to create street ‘museums’ that bring unexpected beauty - redefining the space they inhabit. defines Civic art as the sum total of the architecture, public spaces, monuments, urban design, and landscape of a city, but it is far more than the sum of the parts. Civic art is place making into art that creates timeless civic values and helps define cultures.  Guyon's projects essentially create outdoor exhibitions that citizens will encounter as they go about their day to day lives serving as a means to integrate the transcendent experience of art into the everyday business of living - reminding all of the power to transform the world.

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