The project, sponsored by the Downtown Lexington Management District, aimed to bring beauty and light to a pedestrian and traffic heavy part of downtown that has been vacant for some time. Not only does the project create added beauty, but it calls new attention to the office space available for rent and highlights a local business, in this case a boutique.

The goal of the commission was to show the viability and affordability of large scale dye-sublimation prints on aluminum. Creating artwork at this size in traditional mediums would price many organizations out of public art projects. By creating small scale work which can then be reproduced at larger sizes with gallery quality materials, this project is a template for affordable high quality public art.

Artist brings light and life to empty downtown Lexington storefronts
Art and Style Light Up Downtown

LexPark - Victorian Square Garage

Coming June 2017

Keeneland Foundation (2006)
Lexington, KY

Seven original pieces commissioned to celebrate the beauty and history of Keeneland Racecourse. Limited edition prints created to benefit the Keeneland Foundation.

Breeder's Cup Festival (October 2015)
Lexington, KY

Poem by Nick Stump, Artwork by Marjorie Guyon, Projections by Tom Willis

Projected in Downtown Lexington during the 2016 Breeder's Cup Festival

​The project, sponsored by the Breeders Cup Festival, was imagined as a “Letter of Welcome to the People of the World” in Lexington for Breeders Cup. It brought together the combined talents of noted Kentucky writer and blues musician, Nick Stump, Tom Willis, Technical Director of the Downtown Arts Center and Marjorie Guyon. Our interest was to meld image, language and light. The projection manifested as projected video on a downtown building. It premiered during the popular Halloween “Thriller” spectacle, and continued to run nightly during the Breeder’s Cup Festival.  The project was a visual counterpoint aimed to bring beauty and light to a pedestrian and traffic heavy part of downtown.

Interior pieces coming soon!

Artist rendering

Illuminated City (January 2017-present)
Main Street, Lexington, KY

Marjorie Guyon

DLMD Billboards

Short Street & Limestone Lexington,KY